Garden of life

My enjoyment of gardening comes from a passion for life. I look at gardening as I look at life. I start with all of the good that God gives me and, just like my garden, I use good soil, nourish my life with family, friendships, kindness and joy, and work diligently keeping the weeds of negative thinking out. I then plant the seeds of kindness and happiness that continue to grow and give life.

If I become careless and the seed does not fall on good ground, it will die. Since I want my garden and my life to flourish and grow, I tend to my garden faithfully. I enjoy spending my time in the garden. I know that what I grow well will feed many people and will be life giving.

My goal is to produce a garden and a life that I am proud of and will help others on their own journey through the garden of life. My thought for this day is all good things grow in God's garden.

Chuck McKee

Bay Village

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Volume 6, Issue 6, Posted 9:23 AM, 03.18.2014