Case Closed: 'Legally Blonde' comes to an end

Dylan Diemer and Evie Kennedy showed some onstage chemistry as they celebrated Evie’s character – Elle’s – graduation from Harvard Law School. Photo by Sela Cunningham, The Green & White

[This article originally appeared in the April issue of The Green & White, Westlake High School's student newspaper.]

After the applause from “Legally Blonde” finally died down, the sets demolished and costumes put away, the musical came to a close.

“It was really wonderful to work with so many awesome people and bring this show to life,” said senior Jabri Johnson.

This year’s musical played from April 11 to April 13 and starred Evie Kennedy as Elle Woods, Dylan Diemer as Emmett, Caroline Kane as Vivian Kensington, Peter Bradley as Professor Callahan, Kevin Waitrovich as Warner and Anna Parchem as Paulette.

It was put on by the Center Stage Players, Westlake High School’s drama club.

“It went exceptionally well. We had a great crowd every night and they responded really well to the energy,” said senior Evie Kennedy.

According to the cast members, a lot of content was cut from the original script. The cast even received further censorship after the opening show, they said. They also mentioned there being a few “tech problems,” including microphones and sound.

And the play didn’t just appear overnight – it took three months of preparation. Senior Maria Kuhn said that the hardest part was the long practices. However, the cast bonded tremendously throughout their production process.

“On stage, we have our fake sorority Delta Nu, but I liked how it became a real sorority. We became really close friends,” said Evie.

The characters were very dedicated to the play, but some took it further than others. Evie even dyed her hair blonde to portray the part of Elle Woods. “I would rather dye [my hair] than do 20-second quick changes with a wig that might fall off,” she said. She planned to dye it back shortly after the production closed.

A few of the cast members had some mixed opinions about the actual storyline.

“I hated the plot, but I loved the people in it,” said senior Peter Bradley.

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Volume 6, Issue 9, Posted 9:42 AM, 04.29.2014