Yumming it up for a great cause!

Westerly third-grader Maggie Millet is shown here (inset) with the poster she made to help promote her class cupcake sale.

At Westerly Elementary School in Bay Village, Ms. Holinek’s third-grade class learned a lesson in economics that turned into a lesson of the heart. Production, consumption and transfer of wealth were among the many skills learned through the sale of cupcakes. The process of advertising was the first step of the economic lesson. The students made flyers and posters with mouthwatering pictures of their favorite looking cupcakes.

Next, kindhearted parents donated unfrosted chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, delicious frosting and most importantly their time. The day before the sale the students put forth a lot of hard work frosting and decorating about 600 cupcakes to be ready to sell on Tuesday, April 15. By the next day, the cupcakes were sold out! The students learned that hard work really pays off, because they sold about 600 cupcakes at 50 cents apiece raising $300 dollars in sales and donations. 

Finally, the best lesson learned was that of the heart. The entire proceeds were donated to Rainbow Babies and Children Hospitals of Cleveland who have helped many children find hope. The charitable contribution by Ms. Holinek’s class was, in fact, very important because one third-grade student in their class recently spent time in the hospital there. The third-graders in Ms. Holinek's class learned that economics is much more than just a lesson of transferring money, but an assignment of the heart as well.

Maggie Millet, third-grader at Westerly School

Maggie Millet is a third-grader in Ms. Holinek's class at Westerly Elementary School in Bay Village.

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Volume 6, Issue 9, Posted 9:47 AM, 04.29.2014