Crocker Park art fair a fun day of culture

The glass art of Jack Pine included pumpkins, squash and hummingbird feeders.

The stores at Crocker Park had some extra competition the weekend of June 14-15 when the Fine Arts Fair lined the middle of Main Street from Bar Louie up to Trader Joe's. Howard Alan Events took over running the show from The Guild, though fortunately, there were still some Guild veterans in the line-up. There was more variety than usual with artists working in many different mediums. As always, there were a lot of jewelry designers, but they were scattered throughout, not clumped together as in some places.

My sister and I marveled at the imagination shown by so many of the artists. There were paintings of a penguin building a sandcastle, little girls fishing from pails and others dressed as Amelia Earhart with her head in the clouds, whimsical alphabets, glass pumpkins, giant sculptures of manta rays and swordfish, metal figures of athletes which looked as if they were running, photos of exotic places and creatures and Lego characters interacting. No worries about traditional mediums being overlooked, plenty of acrylics and watercolors were for sale, even the ancient art of encaustic painting. It was a cornucopia of creativity!

Nearly all of the vendors were friendly and eager to answer questions about their wares. One man who worked in wood, unfolded his handmade trivets and glass holders, showing how they interlocked with the flair of a magician. Other artists were demonstrating, such as the lady doing Chinese embroidery with thin, silken threads which made the finished pieces shimmer. Many vendors had elaborate set-ups within their booths and some were dressed to match the colors or the mood of their displays.

One thing that was missing was refreshments. In previous years, there had been lemonade, pop and kettle corn for sale along the route, but this year there was nothing but a food truck depleted of cupcakes and beverages. It was really a puzzling oversight on the part of the organizers.

My sister and I were there on Saturday, when the weather was perfect and the crowd lively. Sunday was somewhat warmer, but I hope the attendees that day enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

Jackie Hixon

Long time Rocky River resident who often attends events in Westlake & Bay.

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Volume 6, Issue 13, Posted 9:17 AM, 06.24.2014