Strapless Dresses: A hands-free, slip-free tutorial

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  • STEP 1: Take the length of bone you need, add half an inch (1/4 inch for hemming). Make the casing from the bias tape, then pin to the garmet. I prefer to align them with the existing seams. 

  • STEP 2: Sew both sides of the casing to the lining, taking care not to poke through the front, and insert the bone. (I used "blindstitch", directions can be found here: YouTube videos are also available.)

  • STEP 3: Sew the casing top down, securing it well. The boning on the finished product should be tight and flat against the material, with no puckering or excess thread, and the bones shouldn't be straining out of the cases.  

  • FINISHED PRODUCT: The front is stitch-free and slip-resistant.

  • This getup contains more whalebone than is in an actual whale, probably.

    Portrait of Grand Duchess Marie Fiodorovna, 1777

    Artist: Alexander Roslin

    Current location: Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

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