Bay police, service departments thanked with TVs

Bay Village Police Chief Mark Spaetzel unwraps the new TV presented by Mayor Sutherland in appreciation of the department’s hard work. Photo by Denny Wendell

In recognition of their hard work and support during recent transitions, the Bay Village Police Department and Service Department were visited last month by Mayor Debbie Sutherland, bearing a surprise gift. Each department was given a brand new 32-inch, flat-screen Toshiba television to use as they see fit. Ruth Popovich, assistant law director, negotiated a deal for the TVs, were included at no charge to the city, when purchasing new Toshiba copiers for city hall.

“Mayor Sutherland wanted to take a few minutes with these two departments to personally acknowledge their hard work over the past several months and their support as they transitioned through a new police chief and a new service director,” Popovich said, “and to thank them for embracing some of the challenges to modify some internal procedures to be more efficient and effective.”

Police Chief Mark Spaetzel was promoted to the post last November, and Scott Thomas joined the service department in December 2013 and was appointed director in January.

The mayor gave short notice of her visits, prompting much speculation among the staff. The service department had a wager pool going with employees chipping in 25 cents on their guess as to the purpose of the visit. Mayor Sutherland, tipped off to the bet in advance, walked in and plunked a quarter down on the table, prompting laughs from those gathered.

Both departments reported that the TVs were installed in their lunch rooms, for employees to enjoy during breaks.

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Volume 6, Issue 14, Posted 10:58 AM, 07.08.2014