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What do most people think of when they hear the word "library"? Reading, of course! 2014 is the year to "Reconnect with Reading 365" at the Cuyahoga County Public Library. To celebrate this initiative, the Bay Village Branch Library staff and customers will be sharing our suggestions from various genres each month here in the Observer.

As circulation staff, we help customers each and every day check out their items and often have a chance to talk books over the desk! This month we will explore our favorite "great escapes" for your reading enjoyment! For me the best escape is laughter! "The Spellman Files" is the first book in a series about a strangely loveable and dysfunctional family. Isabel Spellman, the uncompromising – okay, obstinate – 28-year-old San Francisco private eye in Lisa Lutz's riotous debut novel has her share of problems. And those problems all happen to be named Spellman. If you think laughter is a great way to escape the daily grind, "The Spellman Files" might just be for you!

Bay Village resident Kathy Kocar recently enjoyed "The Lowland" by Jhumpa Lahiri. It is about two brothers, born 15 months apart, who choose two very different paths in life. The older, more timid brother immigrates to the U.S. to pursue his education and a quiet life of scientific study, and the younger brother joins the Communist Naxalite movement in India. Parts of the story are written from several points of view and this gives the reader greater insights into the plot. Kathy notes this would also be a great book discussion choice!

The great escape that Bay Village resident Kate Harrison keeps returning to is the beloved classic "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien. She notes it’s quite a commitment, but worth every minute. When asked why she keep revisiting the story, Kate states, "Universal themes, Jungian archetypes, a great story (courage, sacrifice, honor, unfulfilled love, a lost king, Evil Incarnate!) And it’s just beautiful. Tolkien always went for the style points, whether he was writing a Hobbit drinking song or the Sindarin creation myth. But in the last 40 years I’ve probably read the whole shebang 30 times!"

Bay Village branch clerk Lisa Koustis enjoyed the memoir "My Year with Eleanor" by Noelle Hancock, which was a recent staff book club selection. Lisa escaped into the world of Eleanor Roosevelt, learning so much about who she was and what she was all about. In "My Year with Eleanor," Hancock uses quotes from Eleanor’s books to overcome her fears by following Eleanor’s advice for a full year!

Looking for your next great escape? The Bay Village Library can serve as your convenient one-stop passport and travel center! Every Cuyahoga County Public Library branch is a Passport Acceptance Facility, as designated by the Department of State. Passport services – including passport photos – are available every day of the week at all of our branches, from opening until one hour before closing. Stop in to apply for a passport, get your passport photo, check out travel books, look for flights and even print your boarding pass!

Remember to check the Observer next month to see What Your Neighbors are Reading on the August theme – Back in Time – and visit the Bay Village Branch, 502 Cahoon Road, where the staff would be very happy to give you personal reading recommendations too. We hope to see you soon!

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Norma Wilson is the Circulation Supervisor at the Bay Village Branch Library. 

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