An Interesting Experience

I had a technological problem recently which took two months to resolve. My telephone and internet service decided I did not have an account with them. Even though the bills were paid on time, my landline was turned off.

After numerous calls to my service provider on my son's cell phone I finally got through to a customer service rep. I was offered a chance to sign up with the phone service for the second time and receive a phone which worked from the internet. I signed on.

The new phone was working very nicely until my computer crashed. The modem started flashing red. I contacted the provider. Now the fun began. My son lent me his cell phone, again, to call the company. I continued paying their bills while trying to resolve the problem.

Several weeks and many calls later, a tech came out to investigate the problem. He told me the modem was defective. Gee, no kidding, I thought. A new modem was installed. This one also didn't work.The tech went outside to test something and it worked. Hurray!

For a short while all was well, then computer and phone died again. More phone calls from a borrowed phone. At last a "conflict resolution specialist" contacted me. We discussed my problem for quite a while. Soft, soothing music played in the background. I could hear the smile in her voice as she offered to reduce my monthly payments substantially and waive all service charges.

Earlier in the conversation I dropped a subtle hint I wrote for a newspaper which I believe helped pave the way for my generous settlement. Of course, I didn't mention I was a volunteer writer for a community newspaper.

Problem solved and my son has his cell phone back.

Bruce Leigh

Bay Village

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Volume 6, Issue 17, Posted 9:49 AM, 08.19.2014