Snap a better selfie with BAYarts classes

Al Fuchs and Larry Kasperek of BayLight Studios are offering several classes and workshops at BAYarts this fall. 

With so much of your life photographically shared on social media outlets, why wouldn't you want to improve the quality of those images? Luckily, there is a slew of classes and workshops coming to BAYarts this fall that are directly aimed at this cause. Teachers Al Fuchs and Larry Kasperek of BayLight Studio will be aiding students in creating better portraits, action shots and utilizing posing skills.

The classes include "The Basics" as well as "Photographing for Publication." In these, students will get a chance to discuss each other's work, as well as participate in weekly homework assignments so they can demonstrate what they're learning.

The one-day workshops focus on particular angles, and include the "Lighting Workshop" and "Sports Workshop," as well as ones called "Making Great Family Photos" and "Finding the Photo." Each workshop will enlighten students about those respective topics. That's where years of experience make Fuchs and Kasperek such highly-regarded teachers.

For instance, Kasperek says just a few simple tricks can help you create better group shots. "The challenge is to get people to appear natural and casual when they are on edge and hesitant about having their picture taken. In most cases, the subject is looking to the photographer to give direction, so learning some basic techniques will help put them at ease." Rather than just hearing this, the classes will give the hands-on experience that helps commit something to practiced memory.

And you certainly shouldn't overlook the value of "The Basics" class. Fuchs describes the class as fairly crucial, even if you've been using a digital camera for years. "Most of the assignments in 'The Basics' are designed to help photographers understand their cameras. The first assignment is always how to use the camera in manual mode. How do I make a photograph without using any of the camera technology? If you can master this everything else about your camera makes so much more sense. We also cover basic lighting and composition." 

Facebook fans should listen up, too. Fuchs doesn't sugarcoat the reality of social media sharing. "I think for people who enjoy posting to blogs and Facebook will really benefit from these classes. There is a lot of really bad photography on Facebook and on blogs. Being able to post well-composed, properly exposed photographs that have content will really stand out."

In agreement, Kasperek sums it up nicely: "[There's also] the power of editing. One terrific photo of your dog playing in the sprinkler is better than posting 40 bad ones." Like many things in life, attitude matters. "You can never be a good photographer if you fumble with your camera settings every time you want to take a picture. Learn the controls and what they do. This will give you the confidence you need."

The cost for each class is $20 ($65 for The Basics class); BAYarts members save 10 percent. Visit to view the schedule and sign up.

Jessica Stockdale


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Volume 6, Issue 19, Posted 10:05 AM, 09.16.2014