Bullying not welcome at any age

I was recently reminiscing about my childhood when I realized that even though I'm a senior citizen, some of my friends and acquaintances still act like children. Comb-over hair styles are big in the senior circle. Bald is big, as we don't have to shave our heads anymore. We older folks are still concerned with size and weight just like younger people. Some things don't change.

I've been thinking about how there was always competition among the guys in the neighborhood. Then I realized even though we're senior citizens sometimes we still act the same way we did in our younger years. Some of my friends and acquaintances act as if they're still in high school. Many times even when people get older they still think like they did when they were young. I've even noticed some bullying behavior among my peers.

Guys, get real. We now have heart problems, pacemakers, and other ailments. Instead of ragging on your peers, get yourself to the gym or exercise class. This will help your body and keep your mind in shape. When our aging minds still believe we are teenagers, we get in trouble. How about trying a little compassion? Friendliness is also appreciated. Looking at people and grunting is not appreciated. Be nice. You can catch more bees with honey and more friendships, too. 

The same goes for all the middle, high school and college gents. Bullying isn't a good way to get noticed. You can have fun without pranks or trying to humiliate someone. Try being a friend. Get to know people who are different than you. Accept people as they are. As my mum would say, "Always be a gentleman." It's not outdated, it works.

Bruce Leigh

Bay Village

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Volume 6, Issue 20, Posted 9:44 AM, 09.30.2014