Aquarelle Society Art Show on display at Porter Library

(click photo to enlarge)

  • "Amish Autumn" by Bill Wilder

  • "Beale Street – Memphis" by Linda Borton

  • "Fall" by Al Buchta

  • "Forest Primal" by Tom Hemsath

  • "Grapes or Rapture" by Bob Parry

  • "Happy Birthday" by Jennie Veltrone

  • "Hibiscus and Bud" by Annabelle Keller

  • "Obervessel Castle" by Marge Strimbu

  • "Old Ohio Mill" by Suzanne Kizzen

  • "Red Sailboat" by Barbara Swasey

  • "Six Vases" by Howard Hoehn

  • "The Swan" by Phyllis Firalio

  • "Vanguard" by Barbara Hall

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