If you stop to think, you might think to stop!

When you see the folded yellow signs in a crosswalk that means pedestrians have the right away and drivers must stop! It does not mean to accelerate and try to beat pedestrians to the crosswalk. It also does not mean to continue at the same speed hoping that pedestrians will get out of the way in time. Additionally, it does not mean “let’s scare them and pretend we’re going to run them over.” Not cool.

However, so many people in their comfy, cozy cars listening to music, looking at or talking on their phones are often so caught up in their own world that they put pedestrians, as well as their own lives, in danger when they fail to stop!

We live in Bay Village, a friendly, family community where people enjoy walking and riding their bikes around town. Often, as we are on a walk or bike ride, we have to take a step back at a crosswalk and heed warning to drivers who choose not to stop! This is not only scary but aggravating that grown adults do not feel that it is important enough to be accountable for their actions. 

We have stood at the corner and watched as men, women, city workers (and the one that surprises us the most) moms in a minivan, blow right through the crosswalk! This makes us so angry! We wish the police were around more to catch people breaking this law. 

However, our mom reminds us that safety is a shared responsibility. This means pedestrians should not assume drivers are going to stop. Maybe they do not see you or are preoccupied, so do your part to keep yourselves safe. Take precautions such as looking both ways before crossing the street to make sure cars are slowing down.  At night, wear reflective clothing and never dart into a street without looking around thoroughly and carefully. 

Drivers, for you, go the speed limit, specifically around parks and down side streets. Slow down and watch for children playing out in their front yards. And finally, for both drivers and pedestrians, “If you stop to think, you might think to stop”! 

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Volume 6, Issue 24, Posted 10:02 AM, 11.25.2014