Sister Reporters

Westerly students Riley, left, and Maggie Millett will be collaborating on articles for the Observer. Photo by Kate Holinek

Maggie and Riley Millett are students at Westerly Elementary School in Bay Village and will be working together to write articles for the Observer. Last year, Maggie was a third-grader in Miss Holinek’s class and wrote an article for the Observer about their class cupcake sale. Now her sister Riley is a third-grader at Westerly (also in Miss Holinek’s class) and the girls are going to collaborate to write articles together!

Their first article is called “If You Stop To Think, You Might Think To Stop!” These two girls are great writers and work together in their free time at home and at school (during their lunch and recess times) to write. The sisters are also in the Bay Junior Core together with the Bay Village schools.

Kate Holinek

Lifelong Bay resident. Bay Schools alumni and now 3rd grade teacher at Westerly Elementary school here in Bay Village! :)

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Volume 6, Issue 24, Posted 10:02 AM, 11.25.2014