Westlake students share family traditions

The holiday season has arrived, a time for rejoicing, connecting with loved ones and creating memories that will last a lifetime. For the Observer's annual last-issue-of-the-year feature, Mrs. Pam DeAnna of Bassett Elementary School in Westlake asked her third-grade students to share favorite family traditions. Their varied responses recall special moments throughout the year, from Easter to the Fourth of July to Eid to Chanukah to Christmas.

My Family Tradition
My traditions are on Easter. On Easter, my family gets up and we find our baskets. We do the hot and cold clue game. When we eat pancakes and sausages, you can hear my family talking to one another. We open our baskets while we eat. After we are done eating, I open my toys and other stuff. In the afternoon, I eat my candy and sometimes I eat it in the morning, but just the pieces that spill out of my plastic Easter eggs. Of course, I do not go to school! Thank you for listening to my Easter traditions!
by Aubrie G.

Making Gingerbread Houses
After Thanksgiving four people including me, my cousin Devon, my sister Samantha, and my other cousin Kyra decorate some gingerbread houses. We use gumballs, icing and candy. I do it every year three days after Thanksgiving. It is fun doing it every year. I do two, my sister does two, and Devon does one. There are five gingerbread houses altogether. I make icing into icicles and Samantha makes a gummy gumball path. Yum! The gingerbread houses are not edible. I smell ginger and sugar! I hear talking and yelling. I love the taste of gum drops. I touch the icing and see sugar and candy on the gingerbread houses. I loved writing this story for you!
by Kaitlyn J.

The Christmas Tradition
On Christmas Day, we always go to my cousin’s house on my mom’s side of the family. They give us presents, but we give them presents too … so it’s fair. We eat mashed potatoes. Sometimes we eat ravioli and we also eat chicken, but not like chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. It is real chicken and it smells, tastes and looks good! Did you know potatoes can be cut into French fries with skin and no grease and mashed potatoes are mashed up with butter and milk? That’s so cool, right? Last year, we gave my cousin an electric razor scooter!
by Liam W.

Breakfast at Bob Evans
My tradition is that every year I go out for breakfast to Bob Evans on Eid. I always hear everybody talking at the same time and they make me go crazy. I also see waiters serving food to children who are starving. Every time I go to Bob Evans, I order smiley fries, pancakes, and tasty fruit. The pancakes feel moist with the maple syrup on them. I can always smell my delicious smiley fries in the waiter’s hands. I love smiley fries! The fruit I order always tastes the yummiest. When I eat breakfast at Bob Evans, it is so fun. That’s what I do as a tradition!
by Deema A.

Indian Food on Christmas Day
I wake up, jump on my sister, and then wake up my mom and dad. We all get dressed and go downstairs and wait for our family. We all open presents and then eat Indian food. We watch TV and play with our presents. We have Indian food for lunch and we watch more TV. For dinner, we all make Indian food and also dessert.
by Ojis B.

Christmas Day
Hi, I’m talking about my favorite holiday. Christmas is my favorite holiday, anyway, let’s get to the story. It was the night before Christmas, and all was well. Saint Nick was delivering presents all over the world. I couldn’t sleep then all of a sudden, I heard a creak. I thought it must be Santa. Next morning was amazing, for breakfast I had ice cream. I could hear my heart pounding in joy. I could smell fresh food. Best of all, I could see presents under the tree! I could feel the present hopping in my hands!
by Thomas S.

Thanksgiving Traditions
On Thanksgiving, my cousins and I play a Disney game called Scene It. We play it right after dinner. We have turkey, biscuits, mashed potatoes, gravy, apple pie, ham, and pumpkin bread. The kids sit at the table in the kitchen and the adults sit in the dining room. We have the same teams every year for Scene It. We have Thanksgiving at my house. We also watch college and pro football while we drink hot chocolate and play a board game or a card game. I make a poster that says Happy Thanksgiving and write everybody’s name. This is how I spend my Thanksgiving holiday with my whole family.
by Jackson M.

Thanksgiving at Grandma’s
When I get to my grandma’s, I see her getting ready for all of the relatives to come. I can hear everybody laughing and having fun in the basement. I can taste the turkey going into my mouth. Also, I taste the yummy, yummy rolls Grandma makes. I can smell the lamb and bread Grandma puts on the counter. Now when everybody is eating and we have nothing left to do, it’s time to say goodbye. We hug each other and say thank you for coming and they leave. That’s my tradition for Thanksgiving at Grandma’s. Thank you for listening!
by Laurien P.

A Christmas Celebration
My family has lots of traditions, and I am going to talk about Christmas. On Christmas, my family has a huge party at my house. All my cousins, aunts and uncles come and it’s awesome. I can smell all the food that my dad, my mom and I make. My sisters help sometimes, but usually they are playing on their devices. We make cookies and guacamole and also buy a yummy cake. I see my cousins who are always running around downstairs in the basement or upstairs playing video games. I usually play with my cousin Isabella. My favorite thing to eat at the party is my mom’s pumpkin cookies. They feel hot, squishy and a little greasy. Every year, my mom puts on Christmas music for people to listen to. After everybody leaves, we take the leftover cookies and leave them out for Santa, along with some milk. Then we get into our Christmas pajamas, take pictures and go to bed. In the morning, I wake up my sisters. We’re not allowed to look at the presents until my mom and dad get ready with the camera. My mom takes pictures and we open our gifts. That is how I spend my Christmas!
by Ava K.

Christmas at the Ski Resort
On Christmas night, my family goes to our ski condo, in Peek’n Peak. It smells musty. I feel very warm. We have dinner as a family. My brother wakes me up, then I wake up my mom, then my mom wakes up my dad, and we all open our presents. We eat cookies, and don’t worry … we eat breakfast after we eat cookies. Later we go snowboarding. When we are done, we play board games. Then we eat dinner and that is the end of my story.
by Michael L.

Spending Time with My Family on the 4th of July
It all started one day when we were leaving to go to my grandma’s lake cottage. We started to pack all kinds of foods like coffee cake, chips and lots more and then we packed our suitcases. Once we were ready, we all went to the bathroom and we set off. After the long four-hour drive, it was too late to go tubing, so we ate dinner and went to bed. During the first three days, we went tubing and water skiing. On the fourth day, we always make homemade ice cream. We got our PJs on and took blankets outside to see the fireworks. We ate our ice cream and it tasted really good. It felt good in my tummy and I was warm sitting on my grandma’s lap. The fireworks above my head were so beautiful. I heard loud booms and cracks during the grand finale. The air smelled like burned out fireworks. I do this every year and that’s what makes it a tradition!
by Megan O.

My Tradition is Christmas
I wake up and usually my family wakes up before I do and then we open our presents and they tape me every time. Then we have hot chocolate and we go out sledding. It was so fun! I really really want to do it again! Christmas is my favorite holiday. Sometimes I go to Toledo to celebrate Christmas.
by Brady M.

My Fourth of July
On the Fourth of July, every year, I go to my grandma and grandpa’s house to eat and play outside in their back yard. When I am outside eating, I usually hear my family laughing and talking. I also hear dogs barking loudly for their cupcakes! Just so you know, their birthdays are very close to the Fourth of July, so we celebrate them then. I see people talking and dogs begging for food annoyingly. What I am touching is the delicious food that I am eating or even just petting the dogs. What I taste is hot dogs, fruit, and chips and believe me that is a pretty good lunch! I smell fresh flowers and the hot dogs on the grill. So, that is what I do on my Fourth of July.
by Ali A.

The Christmas Dinner
Every Christmas, I eat with my family. We love to eat pecan pie. It is delicious! We eat chicken and dumplings and my grandma and grandpa come over and eat with us. We eat gravy, corn, chicken, asparagus and salad. Also, we make cookies before my grandparents come over and they are delicious! Every year we put sprinkles on the cookies and they are shaped like Christmas things!
by Cara C.

My Birthday Traditions
Hi, I will take you to see my relatives’ birthday party traditions. My father, grandmother, my uncle and cousin almost have the same birthday, so I see them a lot in one year. My father’s birthday is the 21st of October. My uncle’s is the 1st of November and my grandmother’s birthday is the 19th of November. I love the taste of the ice cream cake. Whenever my grandmother brings out the beef, the smell of the air is so nice! We always sing Happy Birthday (cha cha cha version)! I always hear my grandmother’s laughter! When I eat the cake, it actually makes me feel sick, so I don’t eat cake too much. It happens every year!
by Avery D.

Christmas Morning
My tradition on Christmas morning is to wake my sisters and brother up. Last year, I heard my brother snoring, so I woke him up by touching him in the ear. I woke one of my sisters up by flushing a toilet. My other sister was very good at sleeping, so I got a blanket and hit her with it. That didn’t work, so I screamed in her ear and she woke up. When my siblings and I went to our parents’ room, we woke them both up and then went downstairs and opened our presents.
by Caleb M.

Christmas Miracle
When I set the milk and cookies, I feel the cold milk in the glass and I hear nothing. I can taste the milk and cookies and I see them. They smell fresh and taste good. I like them a lot!
by Aidan L.

Waking Up Early on Christmas Morning
On Christmas Day, my sister wakes me up early and we talk and then go downstairs. We open our stockings and eat candy. We wait for Mom and Dad to come downstairs and then open our presents. We go and have fun with our new gifts and have a regular day. I have fun that day! My sister does the same on Easter.
by Andrew T.

Kid’s Day
Kid’s Day is like Mom’s Day and Dad’s Day except it is for kids. They might give something to the kids or take them somewhere. They’ll take them to a fun place. I want to go to a fun place called Dave and Busters for Kid’s Day. I think I could, but I might want to do something else … I will see. I will do something fun and I’ll be very happy!
by Mark A.

Thanksgiving with My Family
On Thanksgiving, my family goes to my grandma’s house for dinner and we go to my aunt’s house for dessert. When I am at my grandma’s house, I will play downstairs with my cousins and my sister. At my aunt’s, we will play outside and play in the basement with our older cousins. For dinner, I eat dumplings, turkey, mashed potatoes, butter bread, and a few other things. Those are the foods we eat at my grandma’s house. For desserts, we eat dirt dessert, Reece’s Pieces Mix, brownies and cake. Those are things I eat at my aunt’s. When I am in the dining room, I hear a lot of people talking and laughing. When I put my hand over my food, it is very hot. I love Thanksgiving!
by Ava B.

My Grandma’s Cookies
My grandma makes cookies every year for Christmas. I see them on my kitchen table. I just want to eat all of them! When my aunts and uncles arrive, I can hear them talking to my mom and dad. I can smell my grandma’s cookies. I taste the wonderful cookies that my grandma makes. She makes the cookie dough and then she shapes them and puts jelly inside!
by Olivia M.

The Fun Zone
My family goes to my grandma’s house for Christmas and we see our relatives. My cousin, my brother and I go downstairs to watch the NBA basketball game. While I’m eating my food, I think about how good it tastes! I go upstairs to play with my baby cousin and the cookies smell very good. After a while, we open our gifts. Everybody is talking and laughing and having a great time. I start to open my gift, but wait … what will I get? I got a toy that was very cool. We start to clean up and I think to myself, what a good time I had!
by Andrew C.

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