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If 2014 was rough, do you cringe and wonder if 2015 will be better or worse? Perhaps wishing the prosperity fairy would fly overhead, see that you have been really nice, and sprinkle you with lots of prosperity dust? Or, just hoping to see higher numbers in your bank account, or setting your sights on winning the lottery?

How is it that some people have so much, and others so little? If thoughts are things, does abundance have anything to do with your thinking? Is it true that you can think and grow rich, as Napoleon Hill wrote in 1937? Can you change your thinking to have more in your life?

The answer to most of the above queries is a resounding Yes! Unity Spiritual Center of Westlake will be presenting a class offering deeper insights on living abundantly, economics far beyond dollars, and how they directly link to your personal inner focus on affluence. Start the New Year on a fresh note with a subject that affects all of us daily.

Dive deep into a six-week class with a dynamic teacher whose aim is to help you release your success power. Reverend Joanne Rowden will guide us in this powerful, interactive class, titled "Spiritual Economics," starting Tuesday, Jan. 20, at 7 p.m. This educational journey will show you how to reverse financial adversity, achieve true security, work in and with the flow of life, and develop a robust attitude about money and health.

The required book for this course is "Spiritual Economics" by Master Teacher Eric Butterworth, available at Unity Spiritual Center Westlake's bookstore by calling 440-360-7650, or stop by on Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm. Suggested love offering per each two-hour class is $20, but no one will be turned away.

For more information, call 440-835-0400 or email unityinfo@unityspiritualcenter.com. Unity is located at 23855 Detroit Road.

Sharon Fedor

I am Secretary on the Board of Trustees of Unity Spiritual Center. I enjoy writing about USC's events, and all are always welcome at Sunday services, or our numerous classes.

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Volume 7, Issue 1, Posted 9:52 AM, 01.06.2015