BAYarts offers special watercolor workshop with Yuki Hall

Watercolor artist Yuki Hall will lead an April workshop at BAYarts. Pictured is "Rainy Day - Main Street" from Hall's Dayton cityscape series.

Reference your calendars now, and mark down Saturday, April 25. BAYarts is offering a special, one-day workshop for those interested in pursuing their watercolor skills.

Visiting artist Yuki Hall will be leading the day of hands-on education. Hall is known for her particularly beautiful and proficient impressionistic watercolor work.

Participants in the workshop will be learning to achieve stronger atmospheric moods in their landscape, waterscapes and cityscape paintings through the studied use of "reducing the subject matter into a simple pattern of shapes and tonal values, and expressing it with one’s personal visual language without being bogged down with unnecessary details."

The class description also notes that perspective elements (directional lines, edge textures) will be shown to be strongly applied to explore ways of increasing depth.

What students will particularly gain is a way to "turn an ordinary scene into a memorable watercolor painting which will evoke viewers' emotion."

BAYarts educational director Erin Stack says that this workshop will nurture any watercolor artist, and the chance to work with Yuki Hall is not one they should overlook.

You can see several watercolor works from Yuki Hall on her website:

This one-day workshop runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For intermediate to advanced artists. Fee is $100. Space is limited for the class, so early sign-up is encouraged. You can do so directly on, or by calling 440-871-6543.

Jessica Stockdale


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