Enjoying the moment of a wedding ceremony

A wedding, any way you slice it, is a BIG deal! Not just for the bride and groom, but also the parents, children in the case of a second or third marriage, siblings, friends, cousins, and exes. Even pets feel the difference when a new person is feeding them, or snuggled into that cozy spot that used to be theirs. 

It's life changing, no doubt. So much to consider and prepare, where to have it, and when, who to invite, how to not invite certain people without offending, what to serve, how traditional the ceremony should be, where to honeymoon, how many bridesmaids, and the dress, oh my, yes, the dress!

Before Bridezilla makes an appearance, amidst all the shopping, chaos and hoopla, stop a moment, and consider what's most important – the sacredness of this union. Whether you met years ago, weeks ago, knew each other as kids, were fixed up by friends who thought you two would be perfect for each other, booked a honeymoon dream cruise, or feel you found the designer dress for you and the best tux for him, none of these replaces the simple, yet deep sacredness of joining together to cement true love. 

The visual of the dress will be lovely, the smell of the bouquets will linger, but what you and your guests will feel is the impact, the deep feeling, the Spirit-filled sacredness of the ceremony. Many couples, when they arrive for the ceremony, are so worried about all of the details, they are so wrapped in stress, they are not in the moment, not truly present for their own wedding ceremony. 

Rev. Joanne Rowden, minister of Unity Spiritual Center Westlake, has some relaxation tips for the bride and groom. First tip: breathe, breathe deeply, a gush of oxygen will flow to the brain, and both of you will feel calmer, and plant you firmly in the present moment. Second, remember there is no perfection, except in the imperfection, and the quirky things that go wrong will keep you laughing and talking for years. Third, let go of the fear that a show of real emotions will look inappropriate. Relax, cry, laugh and trust. Whatever arises from within you will simply be a reflection of your own unique self showing up for this moment of commitment, connection and love. Feel all of the emotions, allow all the feelings. The moment will pass so quickly. 

Rev. Rowden performs meaningful and sacred ceremonies of all sizes, joining two hearts as one at Unity Spiritual Center, 23855 Detroit Road. Unity offers smaller outdoor wedding ceremonies in the meditation garden and intimate ceremonies in the Chapel, which looks over the meditation garden and seats 25. For splendid and large, the Sanctuary has theatre seating for 300. Visit unityspiritualcenter.com; click the wedding tab.

Sharon Fedor

I am Secretary on the Board of Trustees of Unity Spiritual Center. I enjoy writing about USC's events, and all are always welcome at Sunday services, or our numerous classes.

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 10:06 AM, 02.03.2015