Westerly students learn about economics while helping animals

Charles, Nicolas, Emily and Katie deliver the supplies and check to the APL.

Mrs. Thomas’ third-grade class at Westerly School in Bay Village recently made dog bones and collected items for the Cleveland Animal Protective League. We started a business to learn about economics.

We are all in the economy. We became producers by making the dog bones at school. Our market was the kids, teachers and staff at Westerly. Our price was $1.50 for two dog bones. The kids in our class specialized by making some posters, announcements and writing this article. This was our advertising.  

On Dec. 12, we made our dog bones. We split up in different groups. We each made several dozen barbeque dog bones. The week after that we packaged them in zip-top bags with labels. We had 344 orders – that means we baked over 688 dog bones! We then delivered them wearing our Weston Woof T-shirts. We also collected 74 dog and cat food items, 57 animal toys and 22 supplies for the APL.  

After the sale, we counted the money and donated $238.62 to the APL and $150 to Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Four of us went to the APL to give the check and the donations. We got to see all the animals and go behind the scenes there. We got to feed the dogs some treats. We even saw a litter of pitbulls. They were so cute. We are glad our money and donations will help these dogs.

Katie Bly, Alyssa Hopson and Emily Wander

Third Graders at Westerly.

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 9:48 AM, 02.03.2015