New creative insight class at BAYarts

Christina Evans will be teaching the Creative Insight Class at BAYarts this April.

BAYarts is now offering the Creative Insight Class with Christina Evans. The class originated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and runs for eight weeks. It is meant to be a transformational class for personal development.

Evans believes the class can be beneficial to anyone. "Everyone has creativity in their soul, whether it is creative problem solving in a career, or creative problem solving when creating a beautiful piece of art. This class is about finding your unique creative process, paying attention to it, quieting your inner critic, and harnessing the power of it to use in all aspects of your life."

During the course, four "tools for living a creative life" are taught. "We apply the tools to the challenges that most of us most face in everyday life, such as time, stress, relationships and purpose." 

For those interested, details can be found on The class fee is $275 and runs April 15-June 3. 

Jessica Stockdale


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Volume 7, Issue 7, Posted 9:49 AM, 04.07.2015