The meditative art of Zentangle

A Zentangle-inspired design by BAYarts instructor Melissa Moon.

Doodling takes on new meaning when it has purpose and a goal. And with courses in “mindfulness” and meditation popping up everywhere, meld the two and a new art form is created! The Zentangle art form is a registered trademark, that uses a specific technique and small tiles to create mosaics of line drawings, free form or planned.

BAYarts instructor Melissa Moon, who teaches  Zentangle-inspired courses at BAYarts, says, “the beauty of Zentangles is that even beginners produce stunning results. The technique itself is as challenging as you choose to make it."

The process is likened to artistic meditation as one becomes completely engrossed in making each pattern, deliberately focusing on one stroke at a time. The creative options and pattern combinations are boundless and ego-less. There is no feeling of I can’t do this or am I a good enough artist. The method is designed to increase focus and creativity, providing a sense of satisfaction and personal well being. Many classes start out with deep breathing excercises to “let go” before you begin to create beautiful patterns that ultimately play harmoniously together.

School-aged students become engaged and focused, adult students describe letting go of stress and noticing how surprisingly happy they feel at the end of class. Rulers, straight edges, or other mechanical aids are not used in Zentangle. It’s just you and your pen. Color can be added or not. Either way, the consensus is that there is a feeling of relaxation and accomplishment when you are done. For information on Zentangle-inspired classes at BAYarts, visit

Pixie Emerson


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Volume 7, Issue 8, Posted 9:41 AM, 04.21.2015