Nautical-themed art show accompanies production of 'Shipwrecked'

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  • "Windswept Sea" by Tom Hemsath

  • "Shipwrecked" by Howard Hoehn

  • "Retired" Hudson River Tug by Howard Hoehn

  • "Old Friends" by Barbara Swasey

  • "Sail Away" by Susanne Kizzen

  • "On the Rocks" by Barbara Hall

  • "Ketch me if you can" by Howard Hoehn

  • "Washed A'Shore" by Bob Parry

  • "The Fleet" by Barbara Swasey

  • "The Mail Boat" by Bob Parry

  • "Abaco's Treasure" by Marge Strimbu

  • "Key West Evening" by Linda Borton

  • "Sitka Bay" Alaska by Dr. William Wilder

  • View of Clague Playhouse Gallery

  • View of Clague Playhouse Gallery

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