Record year for Destination Imagination at Bay Village Schools

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  • State DI winners and Bay High students (l-r): Jessica Perri, Olivia Risch and Jessica Bohannon from Team Superman's Cake Shoes. Photo by Holly Risch

  • State DI winners and Bay Middle School students (l-r): Olivia Reed, Audrey Ray, Grace Chilton, Patty Yuhas, Ava Ransom, Caroline Fowles and Eliza Aleksandrovic from Team Aqua Girls. Photo by Kim Ray

  • State DI winners and Westerly Elementary students (l-r):Maeve Ransom, Finn Meadows, James Fowles, Patrick Lehane, Iain Ray, James Chilton and Annie Davenport from Team The Crew. Photo by Kim Ray

  • Regional DI winners and Westerly students (l-r): Simona Overfield, Kellie Keane, Grace Hopper, Elise Papp and Evelyn Ray from Team Double K Double E S.L.G. Photo by Amy Papp

  • Regional DI winners and Bay High students (l-r): Maria Lally, Michael Rising (front), Kyle McPhillips (back), Phil Lally, Brad Beverly, Malena Grigoli and Bethany Comienski from Team 10/10 Would Enter Without Asking. Photo by Beth Lally

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