Dover Intermediate team places 4th in national science contest

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  • National fourth-place team (kneeling) Alex Babinski, Logan Evans, Neil Thakkar, Evan Cowin; (standing) Colt Rujawitz, Rahul Jain, David Daniel, Madison Sullivan and Andrew Bodi. (Not pictured: Alyssa Light)

  • Ohio fifth-place team (from left) Michael Schaefer, Madelin Shaver, Sara Olsen, Grace Hansen, Gabe Samide, Max Wasserbauer, Paul Rossander and Jack Kerr. (Not pictured: Riley Stanish and Katie Gallagher)

  • Ohio fourth-place team (from left) Mickey Hamilia, Donovan Meinke, Madeleine Stanco, Gabby Backus, Cheryl Liang, Gabriella Atanaskovic, Aidan Cockburn, Ian Healey, John Mudryk and Zavier Kamath.

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