'Toning' the language of love

NOTE: The date of the "Aramaic Toning" workshop at Unity Spiritual Center was incorrectly listed in the print edition. The correct date, as reflected in the updated article below, is Sunday, June 21.

If the question was posed, what is the language of love, the answers may be widely diverse. Some may cite Cyrano de Bergerac's love letters on behalf of his friend, to the beautiful Roxanne in Rostand's play. Others may say love does not need a language at all, it's a feeling, a first sighting, inspired by Cupid's bow. The French believe perfume conveys states of being without language.

Some say the love language is Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke when he guided us, "Love one another." Others may add that Jesus grew up in a multilingual region, likely speaking Hebrew and Greek. Can we make a point, get an idea across, reach a higher state of consciousness without using language? Babies do it, our pets are practiced at it, great art does it, chanting "om" with Tibetan Monks does it.

Maybe the monks were onto something. The activity is called "toning." It's best defined as creating elongated vowel sounds vocally, with focus on a single vowel or two. The masculine consonants are softened, says mystical language scholar, Dale Allen Hoffman. Hoffman has many descriptions: studied Course in Miracles with Mary Ann Williamson, has an intellectual understanding of many ancient Semitic languages, father of three, author, teacher, Master at meditative toning.

He will be the guest speaker at both Sunday Services, 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., on June 21 at Unity Spiritual Center. His workshop, "Aramaic Toning as a Path to Cosmic Consciousness," starts at 1:15 p.m. Open to the portal of this experiential workshop; participate in the transformational power of toning in Aramaic, resulting in soul metamorphosis. This workshop allows for a direct, personal experience using these sacred expressions that will leave you changed from one state of being to a higher vibration. Dale reminds us along with this request for higher vibrations comes a higher responsibility.

Dale weaves a cornucopia of subjects from history, astrology, geography, ancient texts, and brings the words of Jesus (Yeshua) to life. Your buttons may get pushed, your ideas of Jesus' words and actions collapsed then rebuilt, but it is all an inside job. Per Dale, it is never going to be about something outside. Aramaic toning will allow profound vibratory experiences meant to awaken the true essence within. 

June 21 is Father's Day, and Summer Solstice. The first day of summer, the day with maximum light, gives us an opportunity to honor our connection with the sun, and our fathers. It can be a day of raising our energy, and celebrating the richness of sounds, sounds we can create with our own instrument, ourselves. Be assured that our intonations will not be judged.

Join us for Sunday service and/or the Aramaic Toning Workshop. The workshop fee of $25 includes prints of Aramaic tones and meanings, but no one will be turned away. Held at Unity Spiritual Center 23855 Detroit Road, Westlake. Register at unityspiritualcenter.com, or call 440-845-0400.

Sharon Fedor

I am Secretary on the Board of Trustees of Unity Spiritual Center. I enjoy writing about USC's events, and everyone is welcome at Sunday services, or our numerous classes, and workshops!

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