Five Westlake churches join for power of prayer

Ever experience someone shaking their head in dismay and lamenting, "What is this world coming to?" Ever experience feelings of deep sadness, and helplessness after watching the news and hearing about the chaos in the world? It's hard to understand how man can be so cruel to his fellow man, sometimes it is unbearable. The chaos and the conflicts in this world may indeed feel overwhelming with no clear solutions in sight. From floods, to fires, to earthquakes, to tornadoes, to terrorism, to unemployment, to disease, the world presents us with situations that seem beyond our ability to control or even comprehend. 

Be encouraged for there is something you can do. Join Westlake Prays, and be part of a community that comes together in the belief that prayer has the power to heal, to help, to mend. Every Thursday at 5:45 p.m., at one of five different churches in Westlake, people join together, lift their hearts and pray together. Service lasts 15 to 30 minutes, and includes prayer, scripture, songs and silence. The 5:45 start time was intentionally chosen so people could stop in on their way home from work, and still get home for supper.

Westlake Prays began on May 21, hosted by St. Ladislas Catholic Church, and will continue as long as there is supportive interest in joining together. From prayers for world peace, to prayers for our children, or prayers for aging parents, prayers are said for anything and everything. The prayers take on the uniqueness and intentions of those who attend. 

The chaos of this world brought the leaders of five churches of distinct denominations together, initiated by Pastor Sherman Bishop of Prince of Peace Lutheran. He met with Bob Hertl, St. Ladislas; Damien Lake, Church of the Redeemer; John Butchko, Westlake United Methodist; and Joanne Rowden, Unity Spiritual Center. The churches follow a rotating schedule: First Thursday: Unity Spiritual Center, 23855 Detroit Road; Second Thursday: Prince of Peace Lutheran, 28455 Center Ridge Road; Third Thursday: St Ladislas, 2345 Bassett Road; Fourth Thursday: Church of the Redeemer, 23500 Center Ridge Road; Fifth Thursday: Westlake United Methodist, 27650 Center Ridge Road.

You do not need to be a member of one of these churches to attend. All faiths are welcome. Look for the yard signs placed at all of the churches inviting you in. Anyone willing to place signs in their yard can contact Reverend Joanne Rowden at


Sharon Fedor

I am Secretary on the Board of Trustees of Unity Spiritual Center. I enjoy writing about USC's event. Everyone is welcome at Sunday services, or our numerous classes, and worshops!

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Volume 7, Issue 14, Posted 9:21 AM, 07.21.2015