From hero to victim

Dillon Forsythe comforts the dog he found near Cahoon Creek. After taking her to the vet and groomer, Dillon is searching for the dog's owner.

Bay teen's bike stolen while rescuing dog

My name is Dillon. You may remember me from my previous articles about saving Peanut the dog three years ago. Incredibly, I am back now with another dog story.

On Aug. 3, I read a post on a Facebook page that a lost dog was running past the Bayway Cabin, (Kiddie Kollege), and fell 50 feet down a nearby cliff! After reading this, I got on my bike to try and find her. I was going to look where she was last seen by the cabin and walk up the creek from there, but the Lord was pulling me in a different direction. 

I ended up at the bottom of the Cahoon Park sledding hill. Because I was in such a rush, I got off my bike and threw it behind a large bush. I leaped over the creek, and was going to continue alongside it, but again, God led me to hike up the other side of the cliff. At the top, I turned to my left, and within an instant, I saw the dog.

I sprinted at her, slid back down the cliff, and dove on her. In doing so, she bit me on the neck and several places on my hands and nails. I kept trying to hold her and climb up the cliff, but fell back down three times. I was bleeding and in pain and knew I needed to get home. I had to hold the dog with both hands, so I was forced to make the decision to leave my bike in order to save her. 

That night, we took her to an emergency vet and she had not broken any bones but was filthy and extremely matted. Back at home, I felt myself going into shock, overwhelmed by this experience and injuries. The next day, we took her to a groomer (she found four ticks on the dog), bought her a bed, a blanket, leash and harness. After a lot of sleep, love and dog food, she is feeling better, but still in need of recuperation. 

Sadly, when I went back to get my bike, it had been stolen. My grandfather passed this bike down to me, and it means a great deal. I am heartbroken that someone would steal my bike when I was just trying to do something good.

Please contact us at 440-552-7226 or if this is your dog! We are taking good care of her, but if you would like to help us with dog food, we use vegan dog food that we give to our other two dogs.
Also please contact us if you find my bike! Please return the bike if you stole it!

Thank you to the pet-lovers out there who have sent their kind words and support. I appreciate it so much! The dog says thank you too! I also could not have done it without Jesus Christ. Because of Him, I was able to save a life that night. 

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Volume 7, Issue 17, Posted 12:08 PM, 08.14.2015