WHS partners with Hyland Software for computer science class

As part of the district vision statement to collaborate with peers and the community, students from the Westlake High School Technology & Engineering department enrolled in the honors computer science principles (CSP) class have forged a partnership with the Westlake-based company Hyland Software.

The collaboration includes field trips, summer HyTech camps, Tech Club activities, internships, a Hack-A-Thon, Innovation Showdown competition, and classroom presentations. The primary goal is to introduce and encourage students to learn about coding, programming, computer technology and the increasingly expanding, innovative and exciting field of computer science.

Josh Krug, a senior software developer from Hyland, was in the CSP class recently to make a presentation related to a current lesson. He discussed the aspect of methods, used in programming to reduce the complexity of a computer program. He also explained how parameters help make code reusable through what’s known as generalization. Krug and other Hyland professionals will be making several presentations throughout the year to the CSP class.

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Volume 7, Issue 21, Posted 10:02 AM, 11.03.2015