Bay Village kennel advocates renew call for new structure

In 2011, a family from Bay Village offered to donate funds to build our city a brand new kennel. Their offer is still on the table. Friends of the Bay Village Kennel have been advocating since 2011 to have this matter placed on the City Council agenda so that there could be an open public forum allowing citywide input.

We have also advocated for a part-time animal control officer or Bay Village Police Department liaison so that all domesticated pets would have safe harbor. In August 2015 Governor Kasich signed into law a state budget that includes the language that all police officers will be trained on how to humanely engage with all domesticated animals they encounter daily.

The Friends of the Bay Village Kennel support and believe, as does our benefactor, that the best idea is Mayor Sutherland’s recommendation to have a kennel of similar size to the current kennel attached to the back of the police garage.

We have had our credentialed experts visit the location and review all documents that pertain to the landfill and current garage. An annex of similar size with proper containment is legal, safe and possible.The only concern was raised by BVPD Chief Spaetzel about a potential injury from a dog bite if the new facility were to be centralized at the police station.

We are sure many injuries happen in our parks everyday that outnumber the likelihood of an incident in this area as do some directives from the police on what to do if you find a loose, domesticated animals.

The Friends of the Bay Village Kennel are happy to assist the BVPD and residents in some animal issues and volunteer at the kennel. We are appreciative that the service department did minor upgrades to the current facility so it is safer, but the structure is about 25 years old and originally served as a cable building.

For for the safety of our city’s employees and community let's move forward, let's do this now and let's do it right!

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Volume 7, Issue 24, Posted 9:41 AM, 12.15.2015