What do we really know about the law?

"Living the Law," the winter course being offered in Bay Village through the Association for Continuing Education of Case Western Reserve University, will begin Monday, Jan. 11, from 10- 11:30 a.m. Our instructor is Barbara Greenberg, a practicing Cleveland attorney, and we meet at Bay United Methodist church, on the corner of Bassett and Lake roads. 

Our focus will be the U.S. Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights. We will look at Supreme Court cases involving the various amendments, the decisions rendered in each case and how they have affected our lives and laws. 

Our book, titled "In Our Defense," is somewhat of a "primer" on the Bill of Rights and was written by Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy (yes, THAT Caroline Kennedy). Such a study seems more than pertinent today as our Constitution seems to be under much scrutiny in these times of much "ado" in our nation.  

Our first week's discussion will be the chapter focusing on the Second Amendment. This amendment concerns our freedom of speech. Seems to be much conversation about just that in the U.S. today. The cost of the eight-week class is $80 which includes access to other ACE events. If interested call Marianne Wagner at 440-808-0076 or Lynn Taliak at 440-826-0658. You are responsible for obtaining your own book, whether borrowed from the library or purchased.

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Volume 8, Issue 1, Posted 10:02 AM, 01.05.2016