What is a president?

Presidents Day is Feb. 15. Every American president started out as a citizen who wanted make positive changes to our democratic society. We are right to celebrate this important office and all the men who rose to the challenge of leading the United States.

Yet, we too influence and help lead society. We, as citizens, make a difference in our community. How do we do this? By belonging to civic organizations like the Historical Society, the Green Team, or the Garden Club, or by being a volunteer in a literacy group at the library, coaching a sports team, or participating in community theater. When we buy items from a farmers’ market, or help raise money for a noble cause, or volunteer in a hospice, or in our church – in these ways we are making positive changes in the world around us. 

And just as the President keeps our nation safe and secure, citizens who have jobs that promote the public welfare – like the police, firefighters, and those who work in the power and water plants – also help keep our cities safe and secure. And we must not forget the Armed Services – those men and women who fight to protect America and the American people, and our rights as citizens!

Let us all take note and appreciate the work we do as the citizenry of the United States – work that goes on every day of every month. We are all “executives” doing wonderful things to make life better for all of us. So, hooray for Presidents Day and hooray for us!

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Volume 8, Issue 3, Posted 9:55 AM, 02.02.2016