2016 Ohio Rose named at annual fundraiser

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  • 2016 Ohio Rose Kathleen Rose O'Donnell is in good company with U.S. Marine escorts from the 3rd Battalion 25th Marines headquartered in Brook Park. Photo by Egon Luengo

  • Rose Hopefuls anxiously wait for the name of the 2016 Ohio Rose to be announced.  Pictured L-R: Kathleen Rose O'Donnell, Erin Mackin, Siobhan McCarthy, Grainne Hutchinson, Alexandria Klemens, Maureen Rose Ginley, Colleen Verhiley, Molly Kathleen Petre and Catherine Byrne. Photo by Egon Luengo

  • The 2016 Ohio Rose is Kathleen Rose O'Donnell from Cincinnati. Photo by Egon Luengo

  • Newly named 2016 Ohio Rose Kathleen Rose O'Donnell is relishing every moment of her selection. She has an exciting year ahead. Photo by Egon Luengo

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