Why I love Bay Village

I love Bay Village because I think we are a community of really good, kind people. 

Recently, I read a story online about a Bay Village school bus driver who found something that a student had left behind. He dropped the item off at the student’s house, on his way home. Where else would you find a bus driver that would do this? It made me think about how lucky we are to live in such a nice community.

I will give you some examples of extraordinary people who make living in Bay Village exceptional. Dave, the Walgreens pharmacist, has to be the nicest pharmacist in the world.   The ladies at Williamsburg Cleaners are always friendly when you drive up to their window. Everyone is nice at Heinen's, from Kitty behind the customer service desk, to the butchers and cashiers, to the young men who put the groceries in your car. 

Recently, I visited a local bank and Bay Village Fire Chief Chris Lyons walked in. He smiled and introduced himself to my son. He invited him to visit the station sometime. He was exceptionally friendly and kind to us. Coffee shops, barbershops, banks, the city's service garage (operations supervisor Don Landers: the best), they all come with really nice, friendly people. You may not know their names but they treat us like friends. They go above and beyond regularly, to be nice. They provide an experience that is like no other.

The moms in Bay Village are the nicest people. They are a network of ladies who take care of not only their own children but everyone else’s kids too. At bus stops, on playgrounds and ball games, BV moms are extraordinary. If a child is not where they are supposed to be, the moms network cover the borders and streets until the child is located. Bay Village moms live by unwritten codes of kindness and safety that is a unique network. 

Our town is such a friendly place to live that if I do encounter someone being unkind, I jokingly wonder who let them in, they don’t belong in Bay Village.

I think Bay Village is not only a beautiful place live but a special place because of the kind and friendly people we encounter everyday. 

Colleen Harding

I run the Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol. I have live in Bay Village for most of my life. I am a member of the St Raphael Women's Guild and Friends of the Westside Catholic Center and the Avon Oaks Womens Golf Association. 

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Volume 8, Issue 4, Posted 9:33 AM, 02.16.2016