Controlling geese in an urban environment

Ohio Geese Control uses border collies as a harmless and humane method to control the Canada geese population. Photo courtesy Ohio Geese Control

Maybe you've noticed the increasing number of Canada geese on your property, in nearby parks, at schools, hospitals, roadways and parking lots. With ever-increasing numbers these geese have become a health hazard and nuisance in our urban environment.

You have probably waded through the mine field of goose droppings on your way into work. Possibly you've fed these geese leftover bread at a local lake. Probably you were unaware of the damage done to both the geese and the environment by interfering with "normal" migratory patterns of Canada geese.

At the March 16 meeting of the Westlake Garden Club, geese management experts from Ohio Geese Control will be speaking about these topics and other aspects of geese control. Join us at Westlake Porter Public Library at 1 p.m. for this interesting and educational program.

Ohio Geese Control owners Marci and Jeff Hower of Rocky River will present an informative, entertaining program and demonstrate techniques used to control Canada geese. If you've seen Ohio Geese Control’s border collies in action, or the OGC vehicles and dog handlers around your neighborhood, or are just very curious, this is the time to find out more! Everyone welcome. Call 440-665-5463 for more information.

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Volume 8, Issue 5, Posted 9:32 AM, 03.01.2016