Our Heroes of Ohio

Rick Sowash chats with Oliver Hazard Perry, aka Ryan Reed, at Westerly School on March 4. Photo by Martha Fisher

A mysterious man came to Westerly Elementary School on March 4. He had a white beard, a green shirt, red suspenders, black pants, and played the recorder. It was Rick Sowash, author of "Heroes of Ohio: Critters, Flitters & Spitters" and "The Boy Who Would Be Famous."

All the students learned about some of the greatest heroes of Ohio. Mr. Sowash taught us how to walk like a hero. You must have your chin up, walk straight, and be proud.

Thirty students practiced their parts for the assembly during the lunch and recess times. When the big day came, they all dressed up in costumes. I am betting that you want to know some of the heroes’ names. Emma Gatewood walked the entire Appalachian Trail at 68 years old and did it alone. Elizabeth Hauser wanted all the people of America to be able to vote because America belonged to all the people not just men. Last we learned about Jesse Owens who won four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics.

After the assembly, Mr. Sowash taught us how to be a good writer and not use clutter words. One thing we learned is the most important hero is YOU! You can change the world, but it won’t be easy. You just have to have the perseverance to not give up and do it.

Emma Lindway, fourth-grader at Westerly Elementary School

Emma Lindway

4th Grade Student

Westerly Elementary School

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 10:11 AM, 04.05.2016