We're all in this together

During the beautiful month of April we celebrate Earth Day, which this year is on Friday, April 22. We take this time to think about how much the Earth really means to us: not only her grace and beauty but the very life she gives us – from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food provided, the plants and flowers that brighten our days, and of course, all the amazing animals that help us, sustain us, and give us fond companionship.

Everyone plays a part in creating life on Earth and making our planet beautiful. We make delicious food from the harvest, we take care of the plants and animals, and we have children who become the next stewards of the planet so they and future generations may appreciate and also benefit from the gifts of the Earth. 

We can see, however, that in some places the Earth is in trouble. But if we all take some simple steps, we can help heal our environment. For example, grow a garden, conserve water, don’t litter, walk instead of driving when possible, recycle, take good care of your pets, play your music at an appropriate volume, and talk in a soothing manner.

Honoring Mother Earth is about respecting and being grateful for her creative and nurturing power, and further, it is about using our creative power not to abuse and waste her natural resources, and all her gifts, to us. If we make an effort to truly appreciate this exquisite planet, we can make every day Earth’s day!

Kathleen Maloney

Kathleen Maloney, Westlake, Ohio

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 10:09 AM, 04.05.2016