Singer Karen Drucker performing at Unity

Unity welcomes singer/songwriter Karen Drucker for a concert on Saturday, May 21, at 7 p.m. at Unity Spiritual Center. Unity is located at 23855 Detroit in Westlake. Cost is $25 with free coffee and desserts following the concert.  

Growing up in California, Karen's life was changed when, in her youth, the famous songwriter Carole King moved onto her street and Karen became the babysitter for Carole's two small children. Karen was thrilled when Carole let her borrow her piano during Carole's home remodel. With King as her role model and mentor, Karen Drucker began a long and meaningful career in music as she created song after song of positive affirmations, healing and self empowerment.

Now after 15 CDs, and a book, “Let Go of the Shore,” Karen travels around the country performing and conducting spiritual retreats. Her exquisitely beautiful songs and chants get entire audiences engaged in a shared, life-affirming experience that resonates with them for a long time.

She has received numerous awards and letters from people telling her that her songs and chants have helped them deal with illness, loss, or just becoming calm and centered for the day.

As a child, Karen created a campaign to get other kids to help save the famous Hollywood sign which had fallen into disrepair. That experience of activism also put her on the path of becoming a person who makes a difference. Whether it's riding her bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles for AIDS research (the AIDS Bike Ride), walking from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles for breast cancer research (the Avon Breast Cancer Walk), swimming the English Channel (becoming the first American women's relay team to make a successful crossing) or performing her original music played on piano, she continues to make a difference.

For more information or for tickets go to Unity is non-denominational and welcomes people of all faiths.

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I am a Board member at Unity Spiritual Center.

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