October could be downright scary

It’s hard to believe, but fall is here. The Tribe is gearing up (painfully) for the MLB playoffs, training camp has begun for the Cavs, and the Browns? Well, let’s just say the Browns have been every bit as painful as the Indians, but in a totally different way. So let’s take a peek at all three franchises.

Way back in the spring I predicted a World Series appearance for our beloved Tribe. I was absolutely certain they had the horses to get us to the postseason, and I was correct in that regard. Unfortunately, one by one, the “horses” – and I’m of course referring to our starting pitching – started falling by the wayside. First Salazar, followed by Carrasco, and then the coup de grâce was when the guy we couldn’t afford to lose under any circumstances, Corey Kluber, bit the dust.

I am still in a state of shock at the sudden turn of events. As Art Carney used to say on "The Honeymooners," “What a revoltin’ development.” I concur, because you never know when everything will fall into place again for us like it did for the KC Royals last year. (Look at them this year).  However, I haven’t given up hope. If one guy – most likely Josh Tomlin – can catch fire and we somehow manage to get us to the second round – we may have two of our big three back and then they’d be the same team that can pitch with anybody else in MLB. But in reality, it could be very painful … and scary.   

The Cavs are now the king of the hill in the NBA. That’s both good and bad news. It’s good because they won the championship, but as everyone in sports knows, it’s very hard to get to the top, but it’s even harder to stay there. I don’t know if the Cavs have the horses to compete with Golden State now that the Warriors have added Kevin Durant, but it will be fun to find out. The fact that the Eastern Conference of the NBA doesn’t really have the quality the West does makes it likely the Cavs will make the Finals without much trouble, and when you get to the Finals, anything – as the Cavs proved last year – is possible.

Funny, but I don’t ever recall using the “anything is possible” phrase with the Browns – at least in a positive sense. I will say upfront that the Browns have been far more competitive than I thought they’d be, so kudos to Hue Jackson and the staff for that. At the same time, as of this writing they were still winless with a pretty tough schedule after the Redskins game, so there could be plenty of pain – as well as scary results – before this month is out.

Yes, October looks to be a “lose-lose” month, and I’m not just talking about the Browns on typical consecutive weekends. Because, looking ahead, the beginning of November promises more of the same, with the general election eight days after Halloween. The Donald or Hillary? Someone remind me how the country painted itself into THAT corner.

Jeff Bing

Lifelong Westlake resident who dabbles in writing whenever the real world permits. My forte is humor and horror...What a combo!

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Volume 8, Issue 19, Posted 8:57 AM, 10.04.2016