Hilliard students learn sequencing through doughnuts

Hilliard Elementary fourth-graders learn about order and sequencing by creating a step-by-step donut recipe.

Hilliard Elementary School’s fourth-grade students learned about sequencing and chronological order by making doughnuts in the classroom.

Students read “Homer Price” by Robert McCloskey, which included a story titled “The Doughnuts” about a doughnut machine on the rampage. The book focused on the story elements, character traits and sequencing of events in the story. Students learned how the characters solved problems.

To reinforce the sequencing aspect, the fourth-grade team decided to make doughnuts together and have students write a recipe card with the sequential order. Along with the steps of making this delicious treat, students also had to follow an order for centers. They created an advertisement to persuade someone to eat their doughnuts, just like the characters in the story.

Students used Google Chromebooks to listen to this fictional story on the history of the doughnut. The group then discussed the chronological order of events in history to again apply the text structure skills.

Once all of the stations were completed, students were able to discuss what they learned, apply these skills to a real-life activity and enjoy their doughnuts.

Fourth-grade teachers Jen Bernath and Sarah Moennich, intervention specialists Christina Meecha and Kate Applegate, special education assistant Gay Manella, and International Baccalaureate Coordinator Deb Wadden led students through the project.

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Volume 8, Issue 21, Posted 10:01 AM, 11.01.2016