Service project to simulate African water walk

African Water Walk Destination Imagination team members: Simona Overfield, Evelyn Ray, Grace Hopper, Elise Papp, Kellie Keane, Aaron Bergstresser and Lane Maddux.

Did you know that children in Africa walk miles each day just for water? Did you know the water they collect is dirty and can cause people to get sick and in some cases die? Our Destination Imagination team wants to help!

On Saturday, Nov. 12, starting at the Bay High School parking lot, we are doing a simulation on how it feels in Africa to walk and get water. Everyone is going to experience the kinds of dangers Africans face when they walk for water. Our Destination Imagination team will guide you around town for the simulation. Don’t worry we won’t make you walk as long as they do. We are going to walk about an hour, but it will truly feel like you are in Africa walking to get water.

This is a community service project to raise money to donate to The Water Project ( which builds wells and other safe water resources for African communities. We are asking people to donate $5 per person or $20 dollars for a family of four or more to join us. For the full experience plan on bringing a sand pail (to make it more realistic).  

We want people to arrive at Bay High School School parking lot at 3:00 p.m. and the walk starts at 3:15 p.m. After we get back from the walk, there will be hot cocoa and a donation booth. So get your $5, sand pail, and “your African Water Walk on” to join in on the fun and help bring clean water closer to an African community in need.

Aaron Bergstresser, Grace Hopper, Kellie Keane, Lane Maddux, Simona Overfield, Elise Papp and Evelyn Ray

Fifth-graders at Bay Middle School.

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Volume 8, Issue 21, Posted 10:02 AM, 11.01.2016