WHS students named Cleveland Museum of Art ambassadors

WHS Cleveland Museum of Art museum ambassadors Abby Falcone, Dena Hussain, Jade Hawk, Carolyn McBride, Adalee Ratycz and Jonathan Shear.

Ten Westlake High School AP Art History and International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge students will participate in the Cleveland Museum of Art "Museum Ambassadors" program that provides a behind-the-scenes experience at the world-class institution.

This year’s ambassadors are juniors Gwynnie Ball, Abby Falcone, Jade Hawk, Dena Hussain, Rachel Kaiser, Reilly Larcey, Carolyn McBride, Emily Nebraska, Adalee Ratycz and Jonathon Shear. Students were chosen for the program by WHS social studies teacher Beth Noren.

Students participate in behind-the-scenes experiences in various departments at the Cleveland Museum of Art. In addition, students enjoy similar experiences at other University Circle institutions, including the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Cleveland Children’s Museum.

This year students will be working in the different areas of the museum, such as art restoration, education, curating, marketing and research. This year’s focus is on how to bring teens into the museum by way of developing a Teen Guide and a variety of Teen Tours using the museum’s Artlens mobile application. The program is designed to build a general awareness of museum life and careers, as well as to build career skills, including public speaking and team-based project planning.

The art museum aligned this year’s program with state education standards and its aim to develop 21st century skills. Each session, students are asked to solve problems relating to real-world situations occurring in the museum and other places of employments. Students will present their ideas and solutions and work in small teams with students from other schools using technology and multi-media. By analyzing gallery space, logos and art, students develop an awareness of the visual information around them.

WHS students will visit the museums once a month October through May for the program. They will develop a project for a Family and Community Day next spring at the end of the program year, which will complement the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gallery One space. The Family and Community Day involves students sharing what they’ve learned with the public in the form of projects, which have included scavenger hunts, games, coloring books, tours and studio activities.

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Volume 8, Issue 21, Posted 10:00 AM, 11.01.2016