Bay Village Schools levy passes in all 12 city precincts

Celebrating a job well done while waiting for results. Thank you Citizens for Bay Schools worker bees: Co-chairs Tom Harkness and Susan Moran; Treasurer Cheryl Maude; sign chair Beth Noren; social media chair Cathy McPhillips; Parent Group liaisons Cheryll McCarty, Liese Nainiger; faculty chair Julia Russell and representatives Lawrence Kuh, Eileen Meehan, Rob Grossman, and Kelly Underation; letters chair Suzanne Hippler; event CBS rep Jim Comienski; watch party chairs Amy and Tom Huntley; student reps Paige Fisher and Molly Harkness; literature chair Karen Derby-Lovell; online form design Char Shryock; all-around coordinators Clint and Donna Keener; Gayatry Jacob Mosier and Patrick Mosier, Beth Lally, Steve Lee, Lisa Priemer and Kevin Robertson.

Bay Village Board of Education president Amy Huntley has worked on the district’s school levies since she was a teenager. A graduate of Bay High School with six adult children who are all Bay High alumni, she cannot remember a levy ever passing in all 12 Bay Village precincts.

“I am just ecstatic,” Huntley said as the election night poll numbers came in showing a 60 percent passage rate for the levy. “This is a strong indicator of trust in us, and I give credit for that to our teachers, staff and administrators who demonstrate every single day how much we care about our kids. It’s definitely all about our kids.”

Credit, too, should go to a board of education and administration who demonstrated sound fiscal management, according to Citizens for Bay Schools co-chair Tom Harkness.

“I think one of the most important messages of our campaign was that our dedicated educators guide students to stellar achievement while the district spends less per student than most others in our county,” said Harkness. “That along with the fact that the last levy was stretched from a projected four years to six years, a 50 percent longer time period than promised, built more trust with the voters.”

Superintendent Clint Keener was confident that the community would support the levy, but said that support must never be taken for granted.

“The trust shown by our voters allows our board of education to plan long-term for making the best use of those dollars for years to come,” said Keener. “We are extremely grateful to our voters, and it is obvious that our residents care greatly for our children. We will continue to demonstrate that their trust in us is well placed.”

Keener noted that the willingness of community members, residents and parents like Harkness, his co-chair Susan Moran, long-time treasurer of the Citizens for Bay Schools, Cheryl Maude, and dozens of committee volunteers to invest time and energy in a levy campaign made a key difference in the school district's success at the ballot. Key positive indicators included a record number of yard signs requested and distributed, led by Beth Noren, as well as an increased social media presence focusing on educators, alumni and students, and compelling facts, led by Cathy McPhillips.

Karen Derby

Director of Communications for the Bay Village City School District

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Volume 8, Issue 22, Posted 9:47 AM, 11.15.2016