Help save the Bay Village 6

"Tiger" and "Peanut" are two of the six cats rescued in Bay Village.

In 2014, I rescued a little black poodle hiding in a hole in the creek wall within the Huntington Metroparks just before a large storm flooded the area. I successfully raised funds to pay for emergency dental surgery. I named her Peanut and made her a member of my family. She is doing excellent now!

In 2015, my mother informed me that a little white dog was running loose near a cliff by a creek behind the Bay Village pool. I was able to save her, but my bike (passed down from my grandfather) was stolen. The community came together and helped buy me a new bike that my grandfather presented to me during a surprise party. I was so surprised and grateful. We also kept this little dog and named her Flurry!

I am reaching out to the community one more time. I have rescued six kittens from the Metroparks that my family and I are currently caring for, and plan to socialize these kitties and put them up for adoption. We have three dogs and a cat of our own, so we need your help in order to provide the care these kittens need to become healthy and live a very warm and happy life with a loving family. 

One kitten is injured on her front paw and may need surgery or an amputation. Funds are needed for the care of all the kittens! I hope that anyone who can will please donate to the Animal Clinic Northfield at 440-327-8282 under my mother’s name, Mary Slaman, or to our home at 411 Longbeach Parkway, Bay Village, Ohio 44140. We are covering all the expenses ourselves, but will need your help to continue on the path to rehabilitating, and eventually finding a forever home for these wonderful little kitties!

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Volume 9, Issue 2, Posted 9:36 AM, 01.24.2017