Westlake Kiwanis adapt toys for children with disabilities

Westlake Kiwanians Judie Cunningham and Bonnie Smith adapt toys for children.

The Westlake Kiwanis held a RePlay for Kids project on Jan. 24 at Westlake Porter Public Library. Eleven members and three guests volunteered their time to adapt the toys.

The volunteers adapted the toys so they can be used by children with disabilities. It involved taking apart the toys and installing switches which can be used to make the toys operate in various ways, such as blowing into a tube or touching with the side of a head. The project was coordinated by Edie Dale from RePlay for Kids and her intern, Luis Remel, a student from Germany.

Replay for Kids is a non-profit organization of volunteers who repair and adapt toys and assistive devices for children with disabilities in Northeast Ohio. Replay for Kids provides these services at no cost for non-profit organizations that provide medical, educational or recreational resources for children with disabilities in the Northeast Ohio area. Most of these organizations have limited resources and often cannot afford to replace devices that have broken, and do not have the technical knowledge or time available to repair the devices. Replay for Kids can provide these services, therefore increasing the number of functioning toys and assistive devices available for children with disabilities.

If you're interested in helping with a project like this, why not join the Westlake Kiwanis, a hands-on community organization dedicated to helping children. Contact George Christ at 216-832-1640 or 440-871-3980.

Victor Rutkoski

I am a member of the Westlake Kiwanis and and advisor for the Westlake Kiwanis Aktion Club.

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