The 'Bay Village 6' kittens update

Fluffy, a member of the "Bay Village 6" rescue kittens, requires medical care for a severe infection.

Donations are still needed to help care for these kittens rescued in Bay Village. Garfield, a beautiful cat, not part of the litter of five, sadly has passed away. We fell in love with him. He was amazing and we are so deeply sad for his loss. As we care for the other kittens, we can't help but think of him every day.

Fluffy, a proud member of the "Bay Village 6" kittens, has been treated for a severe infection, and showing signs of healing. Her wound is being cared for every few days at the Animal Clinic Northfield in North Ridgeville and she requires constant care. Donations are needed to help pay for the general medical care for these kittens, as well as daily expenses of food and supplies. Fluffy, Peanut and Tiger are all becoming very social and are amazing! However, Boo Boo Paw (who has a deformed leg) and No Boo Boo Paw will take a lot more time, but both are making progress.

Please help us take care for these kittens by mailing much needed donations to their vet at Animal Clinic Northfield, 36400 Center Ridge Rd., North Ridgeville, OH 44039, c/o The Mary Slaman Fund or you can call the clinic directly at 440-327-8282. We need donations desperately to continue in their care, and thank you for any help that you can give. You will truly be making a difference in changing the lives of these precious kittens so they can eventually become adopted, live safely and be happy with a loving forever family of their own.

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Volume 9, Issue 4, Posted 9:49 AM, 02.21.2017