Free essential oils talk at BAYarts March 18

Kimberly Go will be giving a free talk on essential oils at BAYarts on Saturday, March 18.

For those seeking rewarding activities that are valuable in education, check out the newly launched BAYarts Storytellers series. They are a collection of free talks that highlight passionate speakers.

The initial session, March 18 at 10:30 a.m., will be "An Essential Journey" with Kimberly J. Go as she shares the story of her journey over the past 25 years of integrating essential oils into both her personal and professional lives. She brings a unique profile with more than 25 years' experience as a clinical counselor and school counselor.

Throughout the morning, Kim will talk about the safe use of essential oils and attendees will have the opportunity to experience them firsthand. The presentation will be both educational and anecdotal as she highlights the experiences she has had.

Essential oils are found in various parts of the plants (seeds, bark, flowers, stems), and aid them in survival against threats, as well as providing a wealth of benefits.

As a testament to their staying power rooted in the real results, essential oils have been continuously used in life since Biblical times. They are no trend, they are simply (still) under-utilized. Increasingly, people are incorporating aromatherapy into their lives, and that's just one of the applications of essential oils. For while there are essential oils that can certainly work on your mood with their fragrance, there are also ones that will reduce the pain of a burn or a headache, or improve the health of your hair.

For much of her life, Go has honed in on the phrase of "knowledge is power" and has spent considerable time researching essential oils. She refers to them as "amazing creations for natural healing, beauty, calming, peace, flavorful cooking – for health, wellness, wholeness, and life." Her true passion now lies in educating and empowering others to focus on attaining success in personal wellness through the benefits of the oils. She has armed herself with endless resources and lived by example.

Over the last year at River's Edge in Cleveland, Go spoke to more than 1,000 people who attended her different essential oil presentations. "I attended one of those talks, and was captivated by how positive and accessible Kimberly was about using essential oils," said Jessica Stockdale, Storytellers creator and BAYarts marketing manager. "I've always been interested in them, but knowing the reasons for using different oils suddenly makes me feel more invested and excited. Instead of it just being an idea that I read about in articles where women ... talk about using oils during their spa sessions in Mykonos, I saw this as a very real habit that people in my own backyard are actually doing. It's not just for privileged people who can afford to throw their attention at any new thing, I find that it's a time-tested topic worth current exploration for my daily life."

Aside from the subject, Stockdale was solidly impressed by the speaker. "I'd never met Kimberly before. ... What I discovered was a dynamic speaker who was entirely at home in front of 50+ curious faces, and curated so much positive attention that people were queued up in a line to talk to her after the talk had ended. People just really wanted to connect with her, and it's no surprise to me because she was encouraging and has massive amounts of knowledge for just about any question you'd have on essential oils. I knew I wanted to get her for the Storytellers series I was planning, and it worked out beautifully with her being our very first talk."

The talk will be held in the Fuller House gallery (the green Victorian house) on the BAYarts campus, located at 28795 Lake Road in Bay Village.

Storytellers sessions will be held on select Saturdays, check "The Art of Life" section under adult classes at for additional Storytellers talks. If you would like to suggest yourself or someone else as a speaker, please email with a proposal idea.

Imogen Davies

Imogen Davies

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