Browns draft: Time to build foundation

The NFL Draft is rapidly approaching and the Cleveland Browns have a great opportunity to obtain some cornerstones for their future. Browns left tackle Joe Thomas recently commented that he did not want to see the Browns use the first pick on a quarterback and that when you draft a quarterback who fails, you have wasted a pick. He went on to explain that if a position player fails, he still gets on the field for first downs or third downs or special teams. This means that he can still help the team and isn't a total wasted pick; whereas a failed quarterback won't make it on the field at all or possibly as the holder for field goals and extra points at best.

In baseball, the consensus is to have your best players straight up the middle of the field. In football, this basically holds true too; on defense, you want great players in the middle of the field or to help to contain the opposition to the middle of the field. An offense wants to avoid being contained to the middle and able use the entire field from sideline to sideline. These concepts are very important for the Browns and their ability to show significant improvement this year. The other important concept is that offense wins games but defense wins championships!

With all of this in mind, and NO I haven't had any contact with Greg Williams, the defensive coordinator for the Browns, it would be very interesting to see the Browns draft:

  • First round: Pick No. 1: Myles Garrett, defensive end; Pick No. 12: Reuben Foster, middle linebacker
  • Second round: Pick No. 33: Jabrill Peppers, strong safety (or a cornerback if Peppers is gone); Pick No. 52: whomever falls to the Browns – wildcard!
  • Third round: Pick No. 65: cornerback or defensive tackle

Should the Browns be able to obtain the first three players named along with a cornerback in the first three rounds of the draft, they will significantly improve their defense and be able to win games without a lot of offense. Remember, the Browns have added offensive linemen via free agency, so drafting defensive players with four of their first five picks is not out of the question. In fact, it could be all five.

Browns fans love a physical, hard-hitting defense. These players would add that and with proper coaching (your turn, Greg Williams and staff) could lead to a significant improvement to the Browns record in 2017 and beyond.

Greg Schwert

Proud single parents of four children that enjoys sporting events and is the President of Parents Without Partners Chapter #1395.

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Volume 9, Issue 7, Posted 9:20 AM, 04.04.2017