Diana Brewer redecorating BAYarts by hand

Several pieces of furniture have been converted into what serves as a coffee and dessert stand. 

As special events manager at BAYarts, Diana Brewer knows certain things that come with the job of coordinating about 30 weddings each year in the historic Fuller House. For instance, it's not surprising to see her fiddling with electric cords as she installs new sparkle lights to project on the ceiling of a romantic gazebo, nor is it surprising to see Brewer move around displays of candles on tiered tree-ring slabs.

These skills come with the territory, and she has an extensive background of working events. In fact, it is why she was hired to coordinate the special events at the arts campus, and her reputation speaks for itself.

But what's surprising is that the tree-ring slabs that have been cut, Brewer cut. And the dozens of wooden chairs? Brewer refinished them. Or do you mean the high top chairs with matching tables crafted from pallet wood? Yeah, Brewer actually made those. In fact, with a glance around the venue you'll see that everything is handcrafted and looks like a piece of art. The aesthetic is handmade and romantic. And someone (hint: you know who) has taken old church pews and antique bed headboards and turned them into benches. Talk about charming. 

This spring, the latest projects that Brewer tackled were to build a brand new bar on the back gazebo. The old one was falling apart, and a nonprofit like BAYarts can't afford to just buy new. Salvaging wood from what initially were disheveled-looking pieces, Brewer has now completed a beautiful bar with seating, even using the bones of an old fireplace facade right at the front.

Additionally, deciding that sitting on blanketed hay bales was something all sorts of venues already do, Brewer used sisal rope and old tires to create comfortable outdoor seating that'll last in all weather and look attractive around the firepits used for events such as Moondance and the Artober fest.

"People often walk into the gallery and think that the benches and tables she's made are actually pieces of art in the exhibitions, that's how beautiful they are," said BAYarts Executive Director Nancy Heaton. "We couldn't be more pleased to encourage her, help give materials, and admire what she creates with her team." (Kelly Johnston and Jim Bishe are notable members, along with Cullen Brewer.)

For those interested in taking a look, visit the Rent page on the BAYarts website, bayarts.net, and/or come up to the Fuller House at BAYarts, which is open 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Come enjoy the sights and furniture at BAYarts events, the next being Cinco de Mayo on May 5, which boasts a taco and salsa bar for $25.

For all of the cool things we see people doing online, all of those Pinterest-worthy images, it's nice to see it all actualized in 3-D, right in Bay Village.

If you have old wooden windows, old pieces of antique furniture, and such, please consider donating by emailing specialevents@bayarts.net.

Jessica Stockdale

Jessica Stockdale is the Marketing Manager at BAYarts.

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