WestShore Lions create GoFundMe account to assist with safety bucket project

The WestShore Lions Club is requesting your assistance in a very important project that will enhance the safety of the children within the cities of Westlake and North Olmsted.

Club members have undertaken a project to provide "Safety Buckets" for each classroom, office and support room in the Westlake and North Olmsted public school districts. These will be used in the event of an emergency during the periods when the school building are open.

The buckets will contain materials that could be used in the event of an emergency or natural disaster and the list of items were developed by safety officers in the school systems. Each bucket would be under the direction of the classroom teacher. It will be covered with a canvas cover, and could easily be stored under a desk or in a classroom closet.

Suggested items included: duct tape (which could be used as a medical tape), hammers (which could be used for escape), Ace bandages, plastic trash bags, toilet paper, fleece throw blankets, and bottled water.

Club members began asking for donations in late summer of 2015 within their various communities, from various vendors to assist in this goal.

To date, all item categories are near completion with the exception of donations for the hammers, fleece blankets and bucket covers. Our club is small (four members) and our revenues are very minimal, but our hearts are big. Therefore we are seeking revenue assistance for the purchase of these final items to complete our very worthy project in assisting for the safety of our schoolchildren in the event of a future emergency.

We have obtained written estimates that would amount to the sum of $3,946 and would appreciate any donations toward that goal. You can show your support by visiting GoFundMe.com/p/5m4p.

Once anticipated revenues are received for this amount, the fundraising account will be closed and the project will be completed with the delivery of the equipped buckets.

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Volume 9, Issue 9, Posted 10:04 AM, 05.02.2017