Calling all patriots!

What have you done for democracy lately? Voted in a primary? Check! Attended a candidate forum? Check! Researched a ballot issue? Check! Petitioned your government to end gerrymandering? Huh?

Drawing legislative districts to favor the governing party – aka gerrymandering – is unAmerican. It undermines "one citizen, one vote." It disfavors moderate candidates. It erodes the need to compromise. It destroys democracy.

Ohio has been one of the most-gerrymandered states in America. In 2015, 71.5 percent of us voted to end gerrymandering for the Ohio Legislature. But the Legislature, which wrote the constitutional amendment with its eyes on a different prize, failed to end gerrymandering for United States congressional districts.

It's time to take back our democracy – time to select our U.S. representatives, instead of letting them select their voters. Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio, a coalition of good government advocates led by the League of Women Voters, is collecting signatures for an anti-gerrymandering amendment that includes Congress.

This is your call to action, a plea to become part of this historic grassroots movement by volunteering to circulate petitions. We have already gathered more than 140,000 valid signatures. We need you to help take that total to the 305,000-plus needed for the November 2018 ballot. We want you to be able to tell your grandchildren that you did your patriotic part.

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Fired up? Pick up the phone and call Claire Banasiak, chair of Bay Village's LWV chapter, at 440-503-8502, or email her at Tell her you're mad as heck, and you're gonna put your shoe leather into making democracy work again!

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Volume 9, Issue 19, Posted 10:00 AM, 10.03.2017