The talking parking lot

Carl Collins, left, and Ted Brewer were part of the crew that painted words on the parking spaces in Unity's lot. Photo by Shirley MacFarland

Tap, tap, tap go the sound of my feet, as I walk out of Unity Spiritual Center Westlake after Sunday Service. As my feet hit the newly poured asphalt, I am impressed by how smooth, black and finely lined it is. Then there "they" are – bright, white, and one on each parking space. 

The words, so white, so bright, and painted just right. The power of words, such as Joy, Hello, Elimination, Forgiveness and more are under my feet. They are painted in white on each parking space, the brainchild of longtime congregant Ted Brewer, stenciled neatly on each space by Ted, Carl Collins and James Van Hala.

Why words on parking spaces? I wondered that myself, as I'd never seen a parking lot like this. The "Pave It Foward" Project, named so by Deb Larsen, has a definite function of providing additional parking, especially for Sunday services. It could have stopped there, but words have power, and positive, affirming words even more so. Words can become thoughts, and thoughts can become positive actions.

The parking lot words also invite conversation, "I parked on Renunciation, what word did you park on?" I asked Reverend Joanne Rowden to shed some light on a parking lot word, one that I was uncertain of its exact, true meaning. Her response on  Elimination: "The ability to release." 

We use the power of elimination every time we let go of a “bad” habit in our lives. Ideally, we should use the power of release to let go of anything that is in our lives that does not serve us in being the Light of God that Jesus called us to be.

A quote from Unity founder, Charles Fillmore: “There must be a renunciation, or letting go of old thoughts before the new can find place in the consciousness.”

Thoughts on what you can consider releasing: resentment, possessiveness, the need to control, belief of unworthiness, states of mind like perfectionism and resistance. Identifying limiting beliefs like feeling not enough or separate are powerful ways to put the power of renunciation into expression. Forgiveness and surrender can fall under renunciation. Giving away items (clearing clutter) is a way to make space for something new physically in your life.

Starting January 2018, one Sunday a month, 12:30-1:30 p.m., Rev. Joanne will be offering a class on Unity's 12 Powers, one power per month and, of course, renunciation will be included. Unity is located at 23855 Detroit Road. 

Sharon Fedor

 I enjoy writing about USC's events. Everyone is welcome at Sunday services, or at our numerous classes, and worshops!

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Volume 9, Issue 20, Posted 9:48 AM, 10.17.2017